Electronic Services

Our Electronic Business Services are designed to help you run your business as easily and conveniently as possible. With 24 hour access to your account from any location you choose, it’s like having your own personal branch conveniently tucked in your pocket or handbag.

Stop in to meet with one of our representatives to see which electronic business service suits you and your business best.

Business Online

Manage your money the easy way – Business Online helps manage your money the easy way by providing account access anywhere, safely and securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your computer to do just about all of your banking. Business Online is a dynamic tool for managing finances when it is convenient for YOU!

With our Online Banking Platform you have:

Unlimited account viewing ability (No limit to the number of people you can authorize to have access to your accounts)

  • Controlled access (You determine the access ability of each user)
  • Review account activity capability
  • Ability to transfer funds between accounts
  • Ability to manage Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Access to loan information/make payments
  • Access to check and deposit images
  • Stop payment ability on checks
  • e-Statements
  • ACH File and Fund Transfers
  • Wire Transfers

Click here for Electronic Banking Worksheet for Businesses

Click here for Business Online Banking Agreement

Merchant Source Capture

Depositing checks electronically from your desktop has never been easier.

Merchant Source Capture utilizes a desktop check scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. You can scan checks from customers and submit deposits electronically to Bank of Wisconsin Dells anytime, day or night.

ACH Origination Service

The ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Network is a nationwide electronic payment system that is used by over 20,000 financial institutions, 3 million companies and 100 million consumers. The advantages for your company to use ACH include:

  • Reduction of administration and operating expenses
  • Reduction of clerical cost for account reconciliation
  • Accelerated availability
  • Better cash management forecasting
  • Certainty of delivery
  • Reduced remittance processing cost

ACH transactions are an efficient way for your company to collect or disburse funds electronically.

Business Bill Payment

Pay your bills in minutes with online Business Bill Pay. It’s the easiest and fastest way to pay bills. With just a few clicks, you can make payments to virtually anyone, anytime.

With Business Bill Pay you get:

  • Control – Unlike auto-debit, you can change, edit, or stop pending payments
  • Convenience – Pay anyone, anytime
  • Organization – Manage all your payments from one convenient location
  • Assurance – Be assured that your payments will arrive on time

– Bill Payment is subject to approval.

For further information, contact one of our Personal Bankers at (608) 253-1111.